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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Pennsylvania Umbrella Insurance

Are you looking for umbrella insurance? If so, you can count on us here at The Hibsman Agency to provide you with reliable coverage. We serve all residents in the state of Pennsylvania. Umbrella insurance serves as additional protection over your already current auto or homeowner's insurance policy. Umbrella's coverage is great to have, especially if you have a lot of valuable assets. If you are sued after an event that has taken place in your home or your car, and you are at fault, an umbrella insurance policy will protect you and even pay for your legal fees.


It is not mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania to carry umbrella insurance. However, there are limits that you must select if you wish to add an umbrella insurance policy. For example, you should have at least $300,000 of liability insurance on your homeowner's policy before you can add a $1 million umbrella policy. You just need to be aware of certain restrictions when obtaining umbrella insurance.

These are some examples of the type of umbrella coverage you can obtain:

  • $300,000 current homeowner's liability insurance policy - an additional $1,000,000 to $20,000,000 of umbrella coverage depending on the limit you select
  • Auto insurance policies protect you up to whichever limit you choose - an umbrella policy would give you additional liability coverage above those limits for a minimum of 250/500
  • Umbrella insurance policies would cover above any limits that you may have on an existing investment property
  • Umbrella insurance would give you additional protection on recreational vehicles that you own above any current limits

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