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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Whether you run a new Pennsylvania business and need to find out more about commercial insurance, or an established company that simply needs more coverage at a lower price, The Hibsman Agency has you covered. We offer affordable coverage that will cover you when you need it most!

Business/Contractor’s Liability

Without liability insurance, a single lawsuit can crush your business—even if you did nothing wrong! That’s why a good, broad liability policy does more than just help in the case of a contractor or employee mistake—it will also help you afford a lawyer should you need one.

Commercial Insurance for Home-Based Businesses

More and more business owners and professionals are choosing to run their businesses out of their own homes. But homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover potential losses like commercial insurance for a property does. Ask us how we can help.

Property Insurance for Businesses

Proper property insurance covers more than just your office space. It covers your equipment (including equipment rentals), inventory, and irreplaceable or otherwise important papers. A broad plan can even include accounts receivable insurance. We’ll help you put together the plan that’s right for your business at a price that’s right for your bottom line.

Worker’s Comp Insurance

You already know you can’t have employees without having a worker’s comp. The Hibsman Agency will help you find a great deal on worker compensation insurance, so you can get back to watching profits.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Full commercial auto coverage includes everything that standard auto insurance covers—and it can also cover mistakes your employees might make behind the wheel of your company vehicle. Best of all, the cost may be lower than you think! We’ll help you find the coverage you need at an affordable price point.

Don’t see the Pennsylvania commercial insurance you need here? Give The Hibsman Agency a call, and we’ll find a solution for your specialized needs.