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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

You are required by the state of Pennsylvania to have liability insurance on your motorcycle to operate it on the state roads and highways. If your motorcycle is financed, you will be required to have additional insurance to cover damages to it in the case of an accident.

What Qualifies as a Motorcycle?

A motorcycle is defined for insurance purposes as a two-wheeled vehicle with an engine displacement of more than 50cc. In this case, it is considered a motorcycle and must be insured and registered in the state of Pennsylvania.

What is the Minimum Liability Insurance?

The minimum liability insurance for a motorcycle is expressed as 15/30/50, meaning that you must have $15,000 liability insurance for one person in bodily injury liability for one accident, $30,000 bodily injury liability coverage for two or more persons in an accident and $5,000 per accident in property damage liability.

What are Other Types of Motorcycle Insurance?

The state minimum liability insurance on your motorcycle only pays out for damages that you cause to a person or property. It does not cover any damages to your bike. In addition, you can add many of the same items to your insurance policy for your motorcycle as you do in a car. Comprehensive and collision cover damages to your motorcycle from an accident or natural forces, such as storm damage and theft. This type of insurance will repair or replace your motorcycle if it's totaled.

You can also add medical payments coverage to take care of any medical bills from being in a motorcycle accident. Optional equipment coverage will cover losses on accessories that you have added to your bike in the case of a crash. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage will cover your medical costs and damages if the other driver is at fault and has either no insurance or not enough to cover your damages.

Towing and labor coverage from The Hibsman Agency are useful items to consider, as it will pay for a tow truck in the case that you break down, have a dead battery, a flat tire, or lost your keys.

At The Hibsman Agency, we realize it can be a task to decide on what insurance coverage to carry on your motorcycle, and we are here to help you. You can give us a call or come by the office for information on motorcycle insurance.